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50 Cool Black Hairstyles for Every Length and Texture

Modern black hairstyles shine with textures and colors, giving African American girls a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

From traditional styles and tribal braids, to cool trendy short haircuts and bright colors, the choice is diverse as never before, so we are perfectly sure you’ll find your next hair goal in our vast collection of ‘dos collecting likes and shares across Instagram right now.

1. Short Coral Shag. This stunning shag won’t go unnoticed not only because of the bright mix of colors but also thanks to its alluring retro vibes.

2. Curly High Bun Hairstyle. Despite its obvious massiveness, this top knot doesn’t steal the whole show since it is perfectly balanced by the curly texture all around.

3. Black Mohawk Hairstyle with a Super-Full Pony. Even if you have a head of kinky hair, you can get your style much more dramatic by combining a mohawk made of natural curls with an amazingly full ponytail extension.

4. Tightly Braided Lob. While there is no shortage of braided black hairstyles for women, these flawlessly smooth ropes of hair are pieced together to land a chic style that really stands out.

5. Heart-Themed Feed-In Braiding. Braid-based long black hairstyles for women give plenty of space for creativity, and this romantically designed hairdo should inspire you for experiments.

6. African American Hair with Boho Vibes. This girl sports lengthy faux locs interspersed with loose spirals to create a handsomely full, textured, and relaxed style.

7. Brown and Blonde Braids and Curls. We all love full-head loose curly hairstyles for black women, but nothing can beat this startling multicolor combo of stitch braids and lush crochet locks.

8. Short Finger Coils with Side Box Braiding. Tight coils can be seen in many black natural hairstyles for women, but not all of them boast such a jaw-dropping meshed insertion as the hairstyle you see in this picture.

9. Bob-Length Straight Hairstyle with Coppery Shine. This metallic copper bob looks totally polished, but it doesn’t lack texture thanks to the layered side bangs.

10. Medium-Length Box Braids with Accents. Here is quite another version of the braided long bob, purposefully uneven and complemented with loose strands for a Bohemian feel.

11. Straight Back Stitch Braids. That’s why stitch braids are always listed among the most popular hairstyles for black women — they never fail to catch the eye with their distinct pattern and play of textures.

12. Short Natural Fro with Amber Highlights. Actually, this is a layered curly bob, which is smartly upgraded with the help of a deep side part and reddish highlights.

13. Designer Cornrows with High Pony and Face Framing. Luckily for us, braiding pros uninterruptedly invent different hairstyles for black women, and this unique pattern speaks volumes for their creativity.

14. Ultra-Short Black Pin Curls. Have you ever considered such a short haircut when looking for trendy black curly hairstyles for women? It’s stylish and low-maintenance. Definitely worth a try.

15. Comb-Over Micro Braids. If you are here to find easy hairstyles for black women, this unfussy yet flexible set of small-sized braids is just the thing.

16. Dusty Brown Flippy Hair. With retro styles seriously trending for several years running, we are not surprised to see this feathery cut with long curtain bangs among the best hairstyles for black women in 2023.

17. Jumbo-Size Faux Locs. Although these overly thick and velvety twists are attention-getters on their own, we cannot overlook some wonderful details like paired scalp twists or knotted ends.

18. Raised Cornrows and Braided Bun. Nothing works better than a low bun to create comfy summer hairstyles for black women unless you complement it with a host of different-sized cornrows.

19. Multidirectional Ghana Braids. If you are tired of straight-back braids, it’s time to turn to something more creative, such as these voluminous feed-in cornrows hugging the head all around.

20. Sleek and Textured Hair Blend. While many African American hairstyles are either straightened or naturally textured, this lavish half-up lets you get the best of both worlds.

21. Remarkably Elongated Bob. Going well below the collarbone level, this center-parted lob is sure to attract much attention with its fancy curves and generous accessories.

22. Modern Mullet for Black Hair. This shaggy black female haircut with a bold choppy fringe has a cool retro feel yet stays absolutely up-to-date.

23. Short Braids with Cornrowed Asymmetry. Isn’t it a killer alternative to shaved hairstyles for black women? Instead of buzz-cut designs, you get a beautiful cornrow pattern!

24. Tribal Queen Braids. Authentic African hairstyles don’t include bubble braids, but it was a stroke of genius to add them to the pack.

25. Shoulder-Length Pony with Corkscrew Curls. Bouncy ponytail hairstyles are always a treat for the eye, and this style with layered ringlets and face-framing strands is no exception.

26. Medium-Length Bronde Hair. This relaxed style wrapped into the ultimately lived-in browns is a universal option, as it can be a good fit for both women over 50 and young girls alike.

27. Quick Hairstyle with Extra Height and Length. Ponytails are never out of style, and this trendy pin-straight look requires nothing more than quality hair extensions.

28. Knotless Braids in a Loose Bun. Unlike tightly wrapped top knots built into Afro hairstyles, these box braids can be worn up or down as you see fit.

29. Plum Hair in the ‘60s Flipped Bob. Here is a re-energized version of the Hollywood flipped bob — more careless and adorned with deep bangs.

30. Faux Locs Bow Tie Bun. If you are after cute hairstyles for black women, look no further than this adorable, nicely voluminous and textured half up half down.

31. Goddess Braids with a Swoop. Thanks to the loose ends incorporated into the style, goddess braids always look airy and hippyish, but it never hurts to get a fuller feel by sweeping the locks to one side.

32. Faux Locs Pony with Interlacing. These plushy twists made of intertwined strands are gathered into a springy pony, with two ropes of hair left on the sides to beautifully frame the face.

33. Goldilocks with French Curls Braids. Box braids ending with voluminous curls are the newest addition to black women’s hairstyles, and this gal sports the hot trend in a head-turning gold color.

34. Accentuated Tiny Winy Afro. Sometimes, all you need to zhuzh up your cropped natural black hair is a bit of golden blonde coloring and some side braiding setting off the coiled texture.

35. Toffee Brown Braids with Triangle Parting. Here is how you can add something extra to your knotless braids — go for triangle-shaped parts instead of routine box braids.

36. Ornate Fulani Braids. This understated style is full of cute details, starting from zig-zag parting on the sides and ending with crisscross cornrows in the front.

37. Butt-Length Springy Passion Twists. This is a more glamorous version of still highly popular passion twists, with well-defined silky spirals hitting the buttocks.

38. Looped Bun Updo Hairstyle. Look what a wonderful contrast is created here, where tightly plaited cornrows throughout the head perimeter are crowned with a mighty fluffy bun!

39. Short Flipped Forward Twists. This textured and bouncy style with twists going all the way upward from the nape offers a bold alternative to regular black haircuts.

40. Big Hair for a Chubby Face. The lifted curls on the crown and smoothed cornrows braided in the front give the style the necessary elongation to balance the wide cheekbones.

41. Daring Wavy Pixie with Micro Bangs. If you don’t mind opening up your face to the fullest, steal this edgy piece-y look boasting an artistically sculptured hairline.

42. Swirly Braided Half Up Half Down. These brown box braids with pops of red are easy to gather into a hefty whirlpool bun, leaving enough strands down to show off the length.

43. Fun Braided Space Buns. We cannot decide what we like more about this style — the playful space buns with sticking-out ringlets or the cool cocooned bits near the face.

44. Blonde Braids with Tapered Ends. Apart from a soft blonde shade, this style stands out for its play of dimensions, starting thick at the roots and going down to skinny tips.

45. Black Braided Updo with Artsy Baby Hair. The jumbo braiding in this high center-parted pony is the perfect foil to the delicate loops carefully styled along the hairline.

46. Braided Ombre with a Heart Design. Although we’ve already seen enough black hairstyles for women with braids, this gypsy look wins plaudits for a fabulous color and texture transition, not to mention the sweet heart-shaped part.

47. Small Braids Vs. Huge Bun. Smaller braids indeed take more time to install, but they are also more flexible to pull off really impressive high buns like this one.

48. Cuffed Stitch Braids Plus Silky Twists. These stylishly accentuated stitch braids seem to flow into the high pony to only grow in size and turn into chic twists.

49. Relaxed Curl-Rich Chignon. Curly wedding hairstyles come with built-in texture and movement, so you just need to get your ringlets defined and avoid overloading the look.

50. Bronze Micro Braids with Seriously Spiraled Tips. This rather short style manages to accommodate a whole set of different textures while delivering bounce and shine.

As can be seen from our collection, 2023’s hairstyles for black women are extremely versatile and welcoming for natural textures, relaxed afro hair, braiding, and everything in between. Choose your inspirational pictures and head to a salon to try one of those trendy looks ASAP!

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